Long Fiction

The Second Person from Porlock by Dennis Hamley

The Second Person from Porlock

Highgate, London, 1824. Samuel Taylor Coleridge is a washed-up opium addict, estranged from his friends and from his neglected wife.

The Piano Room

A young man calls up the devil and offers to exchange his soul for a life of his own choosing.

The Woodcock by Richard Smyth

The Woodcock

When an American whaler arrives to a coastal town, the peace of its inhabitants is disrupted.



A captivating coming-of-age novel with echoes of Great Expectations, unfolding in the seventies, eighties and nineties.

Dreaming in Quantum (and Other Stories) by Lynda Clark

Dreaming in Quantum and Other Stories

Lynda Clark’s debut collection: sixteen stories, engrossing, provocative, all written in Lynda’s darkly humorous style.

David and Ameena by Ami Rao

David and Ameena

Can love give us the freedom to accept our differences?

Relative Secrets

Lucy finds something hidden that wasn’t supposed to be found – a locket sheltering a shameful family secret.

Valhalla by Alan Robert Clark


A gripping account of the life of Queen Mary, one of the most formidable Queens of Britain.

Broadwater by Jac Shreeves-Lee


In this collection, Tottenham-born Jac Shreeves-Lee gives voice to the people of Broadwater Farm.

A Saint in Swindon

A Saint in Swindon

A funny and, ultimately, dystopian tale, based on an idea by the book lovers of Swindon town.

Beyond Kidding

Beyond Kidding

A disastrous lie has life-changing consequences.

A Matter of Interpretation by Elizabeth Mac Donald

A Matter of Interpretation

A battle for power between Church and State – a battle that has shaped how we view the world today.

Find Me Falling by Fiona Vigo Marshall

Find Me Falling

A remote island where lovers play a dangerous game of hide and seek…

The Prince of Mirrors by Alan Robert Clark

The Prince of Mirrors

Two young men with expectations.
One predicted to succeed, the other to fail…

Conception by Özgür Uyanık


Enter Anonymous, a middle-ranking artist hungry for success.

The Fairlight Book of Short Stories by Various

The Fairlight Book of Short Stories

Volume 1

A curated anthology celebrating the art of the short story form.

Book Illustrator The Madonna of the Pool Cover

The Madonna of the Pool

A richly poetic collection of short stories.

Mystery Thriller Novel

The Tale of Senyor Rodriguez

A dead man’s house. A dead man’s clothes. And a dead man’s wine cellar…

Missing Words

Missing Words

A heart-warming journey about self-discovery and the power of family ties.

The Therapist by Nial Giacomelli Fairlight Moderns

The Therapist

A strange epidemic sweeps the globe…

Blue Postcards

 Three connected narratives and timelines, set in Paris, interspersed with observations of the colour blue.

Atlantic Winds by William Prendiville

Atlantic Winds

In a small town, pointed fingers and hushed gossip can only mean trouble…

Milton in Purgatory by Edward Vass Fairlight Moderns

Milton in Purgatory

What if death isn’t the end?

The Nail House by Gregory Baines Fairlight Moderns

The Nail House

Lindon finds sense where there is none and love where there is war.

Travelling in the Dark by Emma Timpany Fairlight Moderns

Travelling in the Dark

She left for a reason but now she must return home and face her past.

Only About Love

Only About Love

There’s no such thing as a perfect family. A perfect life. A perfect man.

Taking Flight

Taking Flight

Travel from Miami to Alaska in this beautifully told drama of the bond between grandson and grandmother.

The Driveway Has Two Sides by Sara Marchant Fairlight Moderns

The Driveway Has Two Sides

Sometimes it takes a little searching to find ‘the one’.

Minutes from the Miracle City by Omar Sabbagh Fairlight Moderns

Minutes from the Miracle City

Multiple lives collide in the last few days of Ramadan.

Inside the Bone Box by Anthony Ferner Fairlight Moderns

Inside the Bone Box

A toxic marriage has consequences for everyone.

There Are Things I Know by Karen B. Golightly Fairlight Moderns

There Are Things I Know

He never came home from the school trip…

Bottled Goods by Sophie van Llewyn Fairlight Moderns

Bottled Goods

Alina’s life was on the right track, until the secret service knocked on her door.