Please Fear Me

by Jennifer Love

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Published: 05/09/2024
ISBN: 9781914148613
Price: £10.99
Format: Paperback with flaps

We were wild animals after all. And some of the ones with the biggest teeth.

Sixteen-year-old Smidge is on the run, after her tumultuous upbringing culminated in a shameful secret. Together with fellow runaway Violet, Smidge devises a performance act that will allow them both to rise above the past. As they attempt to sell their new performance, they travel through the underbelly of America, eventually finding home in a travelling circus.

Under the influence of the sinister ringleader, Violet is drawn deeper into their new lifestyle, while Smidge realizes she can never fully break her connection to home. Forced to change her compass, Smidge must confront the shame and fear that have shaped her, and recast her relationship with her flawed mother, before it is too late.

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‘A poignant and atmospheric coming of age story. Smidge’s deadpan wit never detracts from the depth and beauty of her interior world. Jennifer Love has produced the literary equivalent of the best kind of road movie.’Ola Mustapha, author of Other Names, Other Places