Find Me Falling

by Fiona Vigo Marshall

Published: 07/03/2019
ISBN: 9781912054220
Length: 304
RRP: £8.99
Format: Paperback

She bought a house where you can hear the sea, murmuring on the edge of consciousness…


Bonnie, a traumatised concert pianist, finds refuge at the edge of England, in a cliff-top house haunted by memories and broken dreams.

When Dominic, a road sweeper who is visited by neurological hauntings of his own, gives Bonnie a ring he finds on the street, elemental forces are unleashed that neither is able to control.



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Find Me Falling Book Club Notes

Marshall’s evocation of the eerie alternate realities that are just a few misfiring neurones away for us all stays with the reader long after the last page is turned.’ – Dr Sallie Baxendale, Consultant Neuropsychologist, Department of Clinical & Experimental Epilepsy Institute of Neurology, UCL London

The beautiful, vibrating prose in Find Me Falling pulls the reader into the magical, shifting universe, not letting go until the very end.’ – Sophie van Llewyn, author of Bottled Goods

Fiona Vigo Marshall’s poetic style creates a haunting, mysterious atmosphere’ – Helen Stancey, author of The Madonna of the Pool

It’s a rare, rich and challenging work, full of the colours, smell and touch of the sea.‘ – Emma Timpany, author of Travelling in the Dark