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Inside the Bone Box 

by Anthony Ferner

Inside the Bone Box by Anthony Ferner Fairlight Moderns

Published: 11/07/2018
ISBN: 9781912054541
Length: 172
RRP: £7.99
Format: Paperback

A toxic marriage has consequences for everyone.


Nicholas Anderton is a highly respected neurosurgeon at the top of his field. But behind the successful façade all is not well. Tormented by a toxic marriage and haunted by past mistakes, Anderton has been eating to forget. His wife, meanwhile, has turned to drink.

There are sniggers behind closed doors – how can a surgeon be fat, they whisper; when mistakes are made and his old adversary Nash steps in to take advantage, Anderton knows that things are coming to a head…

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‘Very accurate.’Nick Thomas FRCS (Glas), FRCS (Eng), FRCS (SN), Consultant Neurosurgeon

‘[I] loved Inside the Bone Box, the visual imagery is excellent, and as a radiographer before bookselling I really appreciated the fine details of neurosurgery.’ – Georgia Duffy, owner of Imagined Things bookshop, Harrogate

This slim novel asks some big questions, with compassion, wry humour and elegant, understated prose.’ – Kate Vane, crime novelist

[Ferner] can give you a strong picture of a character in just a sentence or two of elegant prose, combining precision with just the right amount of ornamentation. Predicated on questions of identity and the loss thereof […] Inside the Bone Box is a little book that packs a punch far greater than its size.’ – The Idle Woman, book blogger

Ferner presents an intimate portrait of a husband and wife, and the ways in which their relationship has shifted since the beginning of their marriage. I found Inside the Bone Box incredibly well written, and wholly absorbing.’ – Kirsty, book blogger at The Literary Sisters