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Dirty Geese

by Lou Gilmond

Published 06/07/2023

Published: 06/07/2023
ISBN: 9781914148538
Price: £9.99
Format: Paperback

WHAT CAN SEE WATCHES, WHAT CAN HEAR LISTENS – the gripping first instalment of the Kanha and Colbey Thriller series.

When Chief Whip Esme Kanha learns of the sudden death of the Minister for Personal Information, she bitterly regrets missing his desperate calls the previous evening. Unconvinced by the verdict of suicide, and suspicious that corrupt colleagues played some part in the man’s death, she decides to investigate – but she must tread carefully in a near-future world dominated by technology, where ‘what can see watches, what can hear listens, and what can be followed is tracked’.

Meanwhile, Big Tech executive Henri Lauvaux arrives in London. His mission: to ensure the new minister, Harry Colbey, will not prove as problematic as the last. As the West inexorably slides towards an Orwellian ‘Big Brother’ future, Harry Colbey and Esme Kanha join forces in a deadly cat-and-mouse game against political corruption – at great cost to themselves.

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‘I love books that show me behind the closed doors of the corridors of power. And this book does it brilliantly. Read and enjoy!’ — Her Honour Wendy Joseph KC, Author of Unlawful Killings: Life, Love and Murder: Trials at the Old Bailey

‘From a stunning opening, through twists and turns of political and commercial intrigue, the page turning tension of this chilling near-future thriller never lets up’ — G.D. Sanders, author of The Taken Girls

‘This book grabbed me from the very start. A tense, clever, suspenseful pager-turner with characters that jump off the page, and a chilling and plausible contemporary premise’ — Aliya Ali-Afzal, author of the Would I Lie To You?

‘Dirty Geese is a taut thriller for our times. In a backstabbing Westminster, chief whip Esme Kanha and new minister Harry Colbey must pick their way through a political landscape mined by AI and patrolled by a wolfish, dissolute PM. Lou Gilmond expertly conjures up a shiny, fake tech future that is becoming more jarringly real by the day. — Martin Hickman, author of Dial M for Murdoch

This political thriller set in the near-future feels so very authentic it pulses with provocative power. Artificial intelligence when in the hands of the corrupt proves to be deadly as Chief Whip Esme Kanha, and new Minister for Personal Information Harry Colbey, attempt to challenge the politically corrupt. Author Lou Gilmond immediately caught me in a web of intrigue, this is a future that feels imminent, credible, and so all the more chilling. The story takes you into the shadows, behind the public face of those in power. The characters are vivid on the page, each introduction adds a convincing element in a world dominated by unscrupulous greed. There is a wonderful balance to be found here, between plausible and entertaining. I found myself in that lovely reading position of wanting to race through to discover what happened, while also savouring every word. Highly recommended, Dirty Geese is so smart and dramatic it makes for a heady and addictive read.‘   Love Reading