Winter Lights

by Deborah Jenkins

Published: 09/11/2023
ISBN: 9781914148576
Price: £9.99
Format: Paperback

Anyone can see darkness. It takes courage to look for light.

Across the small town of Henford, families are preparing for the holiday season. A teacher, pulled in every direction by family and work, forms an unexpected friendship following a collision; a mother and daughter unexpectedly forced to stay with the in-laws open themselves to new family; a carer on New Year’s Eve brings something more than her nursing skills when she visits the client no one wants to see. Meanwhile, in nearby Ashdown House, an elderly woman hopes to bring her family and community together as they never have been before.

Told through a series of heart-warming and uplifting stories, Winter Lights explores the complexities, struggles and joys of everyday life, showing that light can still bloom even in the darkest places.

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‘I so enjoyed reading this collection of stories, and found myself saving each one as a treat. They are each so interesting, and beautifully and sensitively written, and Deborah Jenkins is so good at creating characters and sharing different viewpoints. This is a brilliant book, and made me fall in love with short stories again. Highly recommended.’Anne Booth author of Small Miracles

‘This collection of short stories set in the festive season offers an insight into the hopes, motivations, fears, tragedies and joys of an entire community. Deborah Jenkins has an ear for the truths about relationships and families but also real skill in putting them on a page so that we recognise them and say ‘Yes, that’s exactly how it is.’ Her prose is delightful and surprising, particularly in her descriptions of both nature and human nature. She’s also funny and sharp. It’s a wonderful collection and even though it’s set in winter is one for all year round. Bravo!’ Fran Hill, author of Miss, What Does Incomprehensible Mean? and Cuckoo in the Nest 

‘A comforting and enjoyable collection of stories that will help you to relax and to hope.’ — Amy Boucher Pye, author of Transforming Love

‘Reading Winter Lights felt like settling down on a dark night with my wisest friend: every story is beautifully observed, warm-hearted and generous, exploring the complications of family love, the sorrow of loss, the joy of renewal and the vitality of friendships. ‘Sarah Jane Butler, author of Starling

Speaking to both heart and mind, this is a truly lovely and beautifully engaging collection of festive short stories…Winter Lights is a highly recommended, absolute delight.’ — Love Reading