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The Therapist

by Nial Giacomelli

The Therapist by Nial Giacomelli Fairlight Moderns

In this bittersweet and hauntingly surreal tale, a couple finds the distance between them mirrored in a strange epidemic sweeping the globe. Little by little, each victim becomes transparent, their heart beating behind a visible rib cage, an intricate network of nerves left hanging in mid-air. Finally, the victims disappear entirely, never to be seen again.

‘I dreamt we were at sea,’ she says.

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If the population of the world had vanished while I was reading Nial Giacomelli’s beautifully observed novella, I’m not sure I would have noticed. It’s that good.’ – Christopher Stanley, author of The Forest is Hungry

This is a story about grief and loss, but also about how the social fabric of our world shapes our most personal limits. The narrative drive is perfectly pitched, conveying an urgency that carries us irresistibly along while at the same time fearlessly confronting and challenging us. Dr Meredith Miller, literary critic and author of Little Wrecks