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Milton in Purgatory

by Edward Vass

Milton in Purgatory

Milton Pitt leads an uneventful life, with a dull job and a secret longing for adventure. One morning, after he is hit by a speeding car, he suffers an out-of-body experience and awakens back in his bedroom. Everything is just the same – that is, except for the bloody footprints leading to the chimney…

Is this his chance to lead a better life? Was it just a dream? Or is he simply dead?

In this richly inventive and humorous novella, Edward Vass brings the themes of Dante’s Divine Comedy 700 years into the future.

Coming 1 August 2019

Let Milton in Purgatory take you into the beyond. There you’ll meet God (though not as you know him), find out why the Saints frown upon queue-jumping, and discover that life comes down to the same fundamental truths: must mate, is that it, time to die. Smart, funny, and an excellent writer, Edward Vass is the ideal guide for a journey into the beyond.’  Dr. Owen Clayton, Senior Lecturer in English Literature, University of Lincoln

A funny, original and quintessentially British account of a twenty-first-century man confronted by the afterlife.’ – Abbie Walker (@ ab_reads), London Book Fair’s 2019 Bookstagrammer of the Year