The Piano Room

by Clio Velentza


Published: 30/09/2021
ISBN: 9781912054893
Length: 320
RRP: £14.99


Published: 01/03/2022
ISBN: 9781912054954
Length: 352
RRP: £8.99

Sandor Esterhazy is descended from a long line of talented pianists, but has no desire to play. So, one snowy afternoon, he promises his soul to the devil in exchange for a life of his own choosing. Afterwards, he laughs it off as a joke, but that night the devil arrives dragging someone – or something – with him.

Uncertain what to do with the bewildered creature, Sandor locks it in the basement, allowing it out only once a night to visit the piano room – the creature, who he names Ferdi, is desperate to play. Sandor slips easily into his new role of captor, but as Ferdi learns what it is to be human, tensions between the two escalate, and Ferdi escapes into the world…

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‘Exploring self-determination and what it is to be human with wit, delicious gothic atmosphere and a compelling sense of ennui, The Piano Room is an immersive joy.’ — LoveReading

‘Clio Velentza’s debut novel breathes new life into the familiar Faust myth.’ — The Folklore Podcast

‘Like a beautiful melody played on the very edge of hearing, The Piano Room demands your attention while remaining elusive. Utterly captivating.’ — Lynda Clark, author of Dreaming in Quantum and Other Stories

A dark and beautifully written tale, seeped in music, yearning and breathless intrigue.’ — Edward Vass, author of Milton in Purgatory