by Alan Robert Clark

May of Teck, only daughter of a noble family fallen from grace, has been selected to marry the troublesome Prince Eddy, heir to the British throne. Submitting to the wishes of Queen Victoria and under pressure from her family, young May agrees. But just as a spark of love and devotion arises between the young couple, Prince Eddy dies of influenza. To her horror, May discovers she is to be married to the brother, Georgie, instead, a cold and domineering man. But what can she do?

From the author of The Prince of Mirrors comes this gripping account of the life of Queen Mary, one of the most formidable queens of Britain.

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I read this novel with much pleasure. A good, sad story, atmospheric and vividly imagined, it brings to life a woman who had otherwise seemed frozen in history; its theme of royal duty still all too relevant. Highly enjoyable.‘ — Margaret Drabble

Clark takes an iconic and forbidding figure and transforms her into a passionate, loving and damaged woman. It’s a very moving tale he tells.’ — Simon Russell Beale

Clark has breathed life into a remarkable woman whose soul is allowed to sip at love before it is all too rapidly snatched from her. This is a heart-breaking tale and no mistake. A beautiful and lyrical tale told with deft brilliance.‘ — John Sessions

Clark succeeds in bringing Queen Mary vividly to life: the passion and intelligence she was forced to keep out of sight, along with the melancholy of her secret regrets. Valhalla is a beautifully crafted novel that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it.’ — Elizabeth Mac Donald