Dreaming in Quantum

and Other Stories

by Lynda Clark

Coming May 2021

Dreaming in Quantum (and Other Stories) by Lynda Clark

From award-winning author Lynda Clark come sixteen engrossing stories weaving together elements of folklore, fantasy and speculative fiction, all of them in Clark’s darkly humorous style.

In ‘Ghillie’s Mum’, shortlisted for the BBC Short Story Award, a shape-shifting mother needs to decide whether to compromise and stay in her human form, or lose her son. In ‘Total Transparency’, a man is learning how to live with a gradually disappearing wife. In ‘Blanks’, people are paying to create clones of themselves so they will never die. And in ‘Dreaming in Quantum’, there’s a murder to be solved which echoes through dimensions only accessible in dreams.

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‘In Lynda Clark’s high-concept horrors, even the strangest perversions of science and biology can feel sadly familiar, hinting at the fantasies we tell ourselves to explain, or run away from, the darkest moments of our lives.’ —Nick Mulgrew, author of A Hibiscus Coast