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The Nail House

by Gregory Baines 

The Nail House by Gregory Baines Fairlight Moderns

Lindon, an Australian project manager with a failed marriage behind him, is lured to China with the promise of a lucrative salary. His task: to solve the problem of a ‘Nail House’, the home of a stubborn old man who refuses to relocate, even as the bulldozers move in and the skyscrapers grow around him.

But as Lindon negotiates with the old man’s family, he finds sense where there is none. And love where there is war.

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Author Gregory Baines reads from The Nail House.

Absorbing, with twists and turns.’ – Mobo Gao, Professor of Chinese Studies at the University of Adelaide


With its intricate weaving of narrative threads, Greg Baines’ The Nail House tells a compelling story of contemporary China. With the subtlest of touches, Baines succeeds in capturing the competing desires and concerns of a nation’s inexorable rise.’ – Susie Gordon, Editor at Alluvium