About Us

Fairlight Books has one aim – to celebrate quality writing and promote the best of new and contemporary literary fiction.

Based in the thriving and dynamic publishing hub of Oxford, we’re a young, dynamic team wanting to do things a little differently. For us, it’s about a wider community coming together to celebrate and promote quality writing.


It’s all about the Writing

Sometimes it feels as if the publishing industry is a little at war with itself. Great barriers have been drawn up between the self-publishing community and the traditional publishers, between the major online retailers and the physical stores, between an electronic book and a physical one.

In a world where the consumer is facing an electronic deluge of ‘buy-me’ photo fit novels, we’d like to make a start on breaking those barriers down and find new ways to re-connect readers with good writing and beautiful books.

As we launch our website, you’ll find articles about self-published writers who are crowd-funding their novels; about ghost-writers, the behind-the-scenes mainstay of the traditional publishing world; about illustrators who should be celebrated for moving cover design forward, ensuring consumers get to buy beautiful and unique books.

We’re currently on a tour of the UK’s bookstores, large and small and we’ve been blown away by the enthusiasm and excitement of the booksellers we’ve met so far. We want to hear about how we can support these booksellers and their missions to put beautiful, well-written books into the hands of their customers.


Fairlight Shorts

As part of our mission to make quality writing more discoverable, we’ve set up Fairlight Shorts. This online short story portal showcases some fantastic, but previously unpublished, short story writing. Making all of the stories on our website freely available to readers, our aim is to fight the corner for the short story as a form of literature which until recently has been largely abandoned or hidden behind paywalls, and promote and support the writing of these talented authors.


Longer Fiction

With a specific focus on quality rather than quantity, we intend to publish contemporary adult literary fiction and well-written genre fiction.

By publishing just a small number of books each year, we believe we can give each book and its author the care and attention they deserve – from stunning and original cover designs, to comprehensive e-book coverage, to promotional campaigns sustained over the longer term. For us, it’s all about re-connecting the reader with a quality reading experience.



The Team

Louise Boland, MD Fairlight Books

Louise Boland

Louise is founder and CEO of Fairlight Books. Relatively new to the publishing industry, she was previously the MD and co-founder of the Opus Energy group, a retail supplier to business consumers. Following an exit of that business through a trade sale in early 2017, she decided to take that as an opportunity to step into a new industry, one she feels passionate about, and take on the challenge of a fresh start up.

Seeing friends struggling to find good reads from under a deluge of ‘buy-me’ photo-fit e-novels, and seeing writer friends struggling to find homes for quality fiction, she decided to set up Fairlight Books to help reconnect readers with quality fiction.

Mo Fillmore

Mo is our Publishing Executive Assistant. She is an experienced EA who loves the challenge ‘obscure task of the week’ brings… Mo will happily try her hand at anything and believes laughter is the key to most things. She looks after everything that keeps Fairlight Books running, including setting up our offices, running our publicity events, taking care of our authors when they visit and generally looking after the whole team. She is also very involved in our bookseller meet and greet program.

Gabriele Gaizutyte

With a degree in Journalism from Robert Gordon University and an MA in Publishing Media at Oxford Brookes University, Gabi has always been interested in all things writing, reading and publishing.  Together with Lindsey she has been instrumental in setting up our website and social media campaigns.  Now, Gabi is focused on brand and cover design, helping us design and choose unique and beautiful covers for all of our books, and on everything related to book production.

Lindsey Woollard

Lindsey is a graduate of Oxford Brookes University with a 1st Class Honours Combined Degree in Publishing Media and Japanese Studies. She manages our promotions, marketing and social media programs, as well as blogging about all things related to the love of beautiful books. Lindsey plays a key role looking after our bookseller engagement program, meeting with indie booksellers to understand their needs and managing our online bookseller hub.

Urska Vidoni

Urska, who is fluent in three languages – English, Slovenian and Italian – has responsibility for our Fairlight Shorts program, including editing our short story submissions, managing our relationships with writers and writers’ groups, and running our submissions process. Urska has a BA Hons degree in English Literature and Publishing Media from Oxford Brookes University.

The Fairlight Books Support Team

These are the fantastic people who support Fairlight Books with their expertise and skills:

Emma Daley

Emma Daley is a Bristol-based, South Africa-born, freelance publicist with a passion for conservation and wildlife filmmaking.  With a background in publishing, she now work with a range of clients including TV and radio presenters, authors, conservation charities and businesses. She has run campaigns for LBC’s Lucy Beresford, Hollywood producer Judd Apatow, Natural Navigator Tristan Gooley, TV Historian Dr. Tracy Borman, Gino D’Acampo, Gavin Extence, Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, Raymond Blanc, Vivek Singh and many more.


Rebecca Souster

With an MA in Publishing from UCL and 3 years at Clays, one of the UK’s oldest and most established print companies, as Indie Publishing Account Manager, Rebecca brings a wealth of print and distribution experience to the Fairlight Books team. Rebecca is responsible for setting up our print and distribution solutions, ensuring we have comprehensive coverage of print books and e-books. Having studied her BA in Fine Art, she is also advising us on the design and production values of our books, and using her background in art and design to help develop our Fairlight Books and Fairlight Shorts brand collateral.