A collection of new short modern fictions from around the world

Bottled Goods Fairlight Moderns

Bottled Goods

by Sophie van Llewyn

Set in 1970s communist Romania, Sophie van Llewyn’s novella-in-flash draws upon magic realism to weave a tale of everyday troubles, that can’t be put down.

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Travelling in the Dark Fairlight Moderns

Travelling in the Dark

by Emma Timpany

Set in the wild, beautiful and unreliable landscape of southern New Zealand, Emma Timpany’s novella is an evocative story of a woman coming to terms with her past.

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The Driveway Has Two Sides Fairlight Moderns

The Driveway Has Two Sides

by Sara Marchant

On an East Coast island, full of tall pine moaning with sea gusts, Delilah moves into a cottage by the shore. Across the driveway lives a man who never goes out. Delilah knows he’s watching her too and she likes the look of him, but perhaps life is too complicated already…

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There Are Things I Know Fairlight Moderns

There Are Things I Know

by Karen B. Golightly

One day, during a school field trip, Pepper is kidnapped by a stranger and driven to rural Arkansas. The man, who calls himself ‘Uncle Dan’, claims that Pepper’s mother has died and they are to live together from now on – but the boy isn’t convinced.

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Inside the Bone Box Fairlight Moderns Anthony Ferner

Inside the Bone Box 

by Anthony Ferner

Nicholas Anderton is a highly respected neurosurgeon at the top of his field. But behind the successful façade all is not well. Tormented by a toxic marriage and haunted by past mistakes, Anderton has been eating to forget. His wife, meanwhile, has turned to drink.

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