Fairlight Moderns New Releases


Fairlight Books will be adding five new titles to the Fairlight Moderns series throughout 2019. Conveniently sized, priced and beautifully designed these superbly written novellas are leaving literary fiction readers everywhere eager for more.

In July, we will be publishing Minutes from the Miracle City by Omar Sabbagh and Atlantic Winds by William Prendiville. We will be releasing three additional titles in September: The Therapist by Nial Giacomelli, Milton in Purgatory by Edward Vass and The Nail House by Gregory Baines.

With their gorgeous jewel-like covers, each with a unique illustration by New York-based Sam Kalda, this eclectic collection of stories from around the world is proving popular with readers. These five new titles are all set in different countries and written by international writers; travel around Dubai in the UAE, Canada, America, China and Oxford in the UK through these wonderfully written novellas.

The eye-catching modern design for the series was created by book designer Sara Wood. Mixing traditional with contemporary, Sara used an inset frame with bevelled corners to create a memorable and colourful series jacket, leaving enough space for bespoke illustrations. A repeating wave motif on the book spines was also designed. The wave aligns when all books in the series are put together, telling a visual story and referencing the Fairlight Books’ lighthouse logo.

This novella collection has been a great way of introducing new literary authors to a wider readership. We are focusing primarily on receiving manuscripts direct from writers through our open submission process.

Ideal for book club readers who enjoy fiction with contemporary themes and quality writing, the Fairlight Moderns are to be supported with reading notes and author pages on our website. Designed to fit into a handbag, the novellas are also convenient travelling reads.

The series already consists of five novellas, which were published in July 2018. Find out more about all the titles in the Fairlight Moderns here.

Fairlight Moderns New Releases