Fiona Vigo Marshall is the author of The House of Marvellous Books, a laugh-out-loud ode to the publishing industry, publishing on 19 May 2022. Tucked away in a near-derelict library in the centre of London, The House of Marvellous Books is a publishing house on the brink of financial disaster. A young junior editor charts the descent of

Clare O'Dea is the author of Voting Day, a new addition to the Fairlight Moderns publishing on 1 April 2022. Voting Day explores the day in 1959 when Swiss men denied women the vote through the eyes of four very different Swiss women, as their paths intersect on a day that will leave its mark on all their lives. Read this interview with

Polis Loizou is the author of A Good Year, a new addition to the Fairlight Moderns publishing on 1 April 2022. Inspired by Cypriot folklore, A Good Year is a dark and tense folk-horror focused on love, loss, superstition and forbidden desire. Read this interview with Polis Loizou to find out more, and to see an exclusive sneak peek of A G

Ami Rao is the author of Almost, a Fairlight Books novel publishing on 1 March 2022. Inspired by the essays of Roland Barthes, Almost is a deeply moving short novel exploring grief, one of the most complex of human emotions. Read this interview with Ami Rao to find out more. If you could describe Almost in one word what would it be?

Helen Stancey's latest novel, Relative Secrets, is published by Fairlight Books on 25 March 2021. In this beautifully told drama of family secrets, she once again picks through the everyday of life to uncover poetry, pain and ultimately love. Helen has previously written two novels, Words in 1983 and Common Ground in 1986, and a short

It might seem an odd thing for a leftie, Guardian-reading republican to do. I’d just written one historical novel about a member of the royal family only to find myself writing a second. The first book, The Prince of Mirrors, was about the ‘bad boy’ Prince Eddy, the Duke of Clarence. I’d written that novel because, despite the vas

Knowledge is power. Ideas matter. But communicating them in the age of populism and fake news is challenging. This may seem like a peculiarly contemporary problem, but as I was researching my historical novel, A Matter of Interpretation, it became obvious to me that not only was the struggle to maintain control over knowledge as old as th

Lynda Clark's debut novel, Beyond Kidding, was published on 31 October 2019 by Fairlight Books. This darkly humorous science fiction explores the catastrophic effects resulting from one man's lie and a missing child who was never meant to be found. Read this interview with Lynda to find out what inspired this novel. How did you start w