Last week (14/10) we published a piece on Authors Electric blog asking writers’ input on how to solve industry-wide issues in the publishing submissions process and create a Code of Practice for Submissions. In case you haven't already seen the blog, you can now read it on our website. Over the time that the blog has been up we have r

Post taken from Authors Electric Blog (14/10) Last week I heard a shocking story from a writer friend. It probably isn’t shocking to those writers who’ve been in the game a while, but I guess I’m still a newbie to this world of publishing, so it was shocking to me. I’m going to call the story, The Sure Thing, and it goes like t

Barbara Mercer’s short story The Glow Worm weaves a rich tale that offers so much more than its surface meaning. Set in a time of religious turmoil in England, the story places us thrillingly close to the birth of William Shakespeare and the wealth of culture and literature that comes with him, adding more layers to an already engrossin