Reading Spots

I stand before a tall oak bookshelf boasting of old leather-bound books. I can barely contain my excitement. I press a hand against the smooth wood and push. The bookshelf swings in, revealing a short staircase cutting around a corner. I tentatively make my way down. Walking past a silent TV, I peek around the corner and discover a secret

Desperate to try a reading retreat but not sure about the price? We love the idea of a holiday exclusively dedicated to reading. However, spending hundreds on a reading getaway isn’t always practical – especially when you’ll just be focused on your books! This is why we’ve planned an affordable and luxurious DIY reading retreat. H

After a month of many imaginative submissions and some hard choices it’s time to announce the three winners of our Oxford Reading Spots Photography Competition! In case you missed the release of our shortlist on Instagram, you can admire our finalists below.   Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for more bookish

We’re having a photography competition, and yes, there’s a prize! The competition opens on the 25th of September and runs until the 23rd of October. We want to help people discover and share beautiful and relaxing reading spots in Oxford. In order to do this, we’re running a photography competition. To enter, email pictures of yo

I sat curled up with my book, in a window seat that stretched almost the entire width of the room. My shoulder was pressed against the glass and seven stories below I could see the busy nightlife of Tokyo. Above me books hung from the ceiling like stars, forming part of the décor. The Book and Bed Tokyo hostel was everything I’d imagin