Our Story of the Week is an inspiration story from the writer Yvonne Dykes. Yvonne writes both short stories and longer fiction. In 2014, she self-published her first novel Brondesbury Villas on Amazon Kindle and began attending creative writing courses at City Lit. In 2015, her first short story, A Death, was published in City Lit’s

Our story of the week is an unnerving story from the writer Sandra Arnold. Sandra is an award-winning writer, originally from the UK. She has a PhD in Creative Writing from Central Queensland University, Australia and has published two novels and a book on parental bereavement. She now lives in New Zealand. Sandra's work appears in

Our story of the week is a story about youthful mistakes from the writer Gordon Gibson. Gordon lives in Troon, on the south-west coast of Scotland. He started working in steelworks in Motherwell, and later trained as a primary school teacher. This led on to a twenty-year-long career as a lecturer in higher education. In 2010, Gordon

Teresa Stenson is the author of Things I Have Learnt About Jason Donovan, a hilarious short story available on our website. She lives in York where she balances a career as a ghostwriter and editor alongside her own creative writing. Her short stories have been published widely and have been placed in several competitions, including The

Our story of the week is an emotional story from the writer Richard Corney. Richard has been writing since he was a child. His first love was poetry, although he did try to write a novel in his twenties. He has published a few poems and a couple of short stories, and has also recently written a novel which is ready for publication.

Our short story of the week is a shocking story by D A Adamson. D A Adamson started writing short stories at junior school where he excelled at English Language and English Literature. His life has evolved around the written word through an exciting career as an advertising copywriter. During his life Adamson worked in the US and Scan

Our short story of the week is an angelic story by Stefan Grieve. Stefan developed a love of writing from a young age. His passion drew him to experiment with a variety of writing styles in all different types of media. As an avid member of his writing groups, Stefan can be found in meetings for the Blackhorse poets; in which he sit

Our short story of the week is a heroic story by Biycekizi. Biycekizi is a short story writer based in America and the author of Ghazi. In Ghazi, Biycekizi creates a tale of survival in a war-torn land and shows us how the actions of the past have shaped the present. 'The "bandit group" that General Kozlov was referring to was th