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Katherine Mezzacappa is an Irish author currently living in Carrara, northern Tuscany. Her novel The Maiden of Florence is a reimagining of the life of a true woman and is publishing with Fairlight Books.   How did you start writing and what does it mean to you? Writing was something I had always meant to do but other thing

Anthony Ferner's latest novel Small Wars in Madrid is the 20th addition to the Fairlight Moderns collection. Read ahead to learn about Anthony's writing journey and for a small excerpt of this new Fairlight Modern. You have worked on Small Wars in Madrid for 10 years, what motivated you to keep polishing and rewriting until you got to

Clare Reddaway's debut novel Dancing in the Shallows is our 19th Fairlight Modern. This gorgeous debut follows Isla Wintergreen as she discovers more about her family and generational inheritance all connected through her family's relationship to water. Read on to learn more about Clare's writing process and to read an exclusive extract o

We are happy to announce that we will be publishing American author Jennifer Love’s biting contemporary novel Please Fear Me in September 2024. Please Fear Me is a literary novel following two young homeless girls, Smidge and Violet, on their trek through the U.S. in search of belonging. As they develop a performance which will allow

Allan Radcliffe is the author of The Old Haunts, a new addition to the Fairlight Moderns publishing on 14 September 2023. The Old Haunts follows Jamie as he reflects on his closeted adolescence after the loss of both of his parents. Read this interview with Allan Radcliffe to find out more, and to see an exclusive sneak peek of The Old Ha

Nod Ghosh is the author of The Two-Tailed Snake, a new addition to the Fairlight Moderns publishing on 14 September 2023. The Two-Tailed Snake is a novella in flash exploring partition in India through the naïve eyes of 14 year old Joya. Read this interview with Nod to find out more, and to see an exclusive sneak peek of The Two-Tailed S

Pan Huiting lives and works in Singapore. After studying Fine Art at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, she completed a Master of Arts in Singapore and a Master of Research in Fine Art at the Royal College of Art, London. Red Dust, White Snow is her debut novel.   Your novel Red Dust, White Snow features a nameless o

Ola Mustapha was born in London and spent part of her childhood living in Egypt, before returning to England. She studied economics and Japanese at university and then moved to Japan, where she taught English for several years. She now lives in London and works as an editor. Her short fiction has been published in literary journals includ