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In honour of Father's Day, we've rounded up stories that explore fatherhood in its many facets. So take a break and enjoy these Father's Day short stories.   Ghazi A brave man, a real hero, leaves a mark in his child long after he is gone.       So Dad, There's This Girl... Asking a father dating advi

Books bring us into the lives of characters. As William Nicholson said, ‘We read to know we’re not alone.’ * It is often through reading that we are able to develop skills such as empathy and self-reflection. This is why diversity is essential and the representation gap in fiction must be filled. Readers should be given the opportun

It can be quite difficult to understand copyright for authors and what you can and cannot do when writing a book. There are some issues that every writer needs to be aware of, both when it comes to your own work, and someone else’s words you are planning on using in your text. Here are a few basic rules, which are quite simple and easy

In our last blog we interviewed Ova from Excuse My Reading to kick off our exploration of the book reviewing process. Today we've gone behind the scenes with Rosy from Sparkles of Light to learn more about her individual approach to book reviews. What are the platforms you use for book reviewing? I use YouTube primarily for book re

What goes into a book review? Does it involve multiple bookmarks and furious note taking or is it a casual post read summation of thoughts and opinions? To find out we’ll be asking book reviewers about their processes. To start us off we have interviewed Ova from Excuse My Reading. What are the platforms you use for book reviewing?

Audiobooks – readers either love them or hate them. On one side of the argument, for a lot of readers audiobooks provide an exciting way to experience stories. On the other side, many question if listening to the book is the same as actually reading it, even going so far as calling audiobook users cheaters. But with many countries repor

At Fairlight Books, one of our 2019 New Year’s resolutions is to ramp up the amount of blogging that we do about all of the UK’s fabulous bookshops. This week’s blog is about The Mainstreet Trading Company, which won Britain’s Best Small Shop 2018. One of the great successes of Mainstreet Trading is the fact that it has become a d

In honour of Mother's Day we've rounded up stories that explore the many facets of motherhood. So, take a short break, kick back and relax with one of these Mother's Day short stories.   Wheel of Fortune It is hard when a mother can't give her child what he wishes... especially around the holidays.       Th