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When the real world becomes too much to handle, sci-fi and fantasy books can offer a much-needed escape. But while some imagined universes have us wishing they were real, there are others that we’re quite happy to keep between the covers of a book. Worlds we’d like to live in The Wizarding World – Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowli

Some book lovers show their dedication to the written word by keeping their books in pristine condition, refusing to dog-ear their pages or even bend the spine. However, others, show their love by ‘upcycling’ their books. They cut, paint and sometimes even burn book pages to create new masterpieces. Here are a couple of our favourite

Leo Nickolls is the designer behind the cover of A Matter of Interpretation. We've talked to him about his path into graphic designing and his creative process. How did you get into the arts and what led you to graphic design? I grew up drawing comics and generally had a bit of passion for all things illustrated. I was supposed to

As the nights draw in and the weather turns cooler, we’re all set to embrace autumn, put on some cosy knitwear and curl up with a good book. But it won’t be long before autumn turns to winter, bringing with it a month of winter-themed stories! For the last two Decembers, instead of our usual short stories, we have published stories

Elizabeth Mac Donald's debut novel, A Matter of Interpretation, is released on 5 September 2019 by Fairlight Books. An exploration into the life of Canon Michael Scot, a twelfth-century astrologer and personal physician to the Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick II, this novel takes the reader from the court in Palermo, to the Translation Scho

Have you ever wanted to see Tom Sawyer’s fence that Mark Twain writes about in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer? Or walk along the streets Joyce has wandered on, on his way to his favourite café? Would you visit the grave of an author to pay your respects to the person that created some of the greatest works of fiction? Cities around th

Gregory Baines is the Australian-based author of The Nail House, a novella released by Fairlight Books on 1 August 2019. Taking place in China, the novella focuses on Lindon, an Australian project manager, and Zhen, a Chinese real estate agent, as they meet and overcome cultural difference. Throughout the story, the image of the ‘nail

Edward Vass's debut novella, Milton in Purgatory, has been published by Fairlight Books on 1 August 2019. In this novellas we follow Milton, a 26-year-old unhappy with his job, during his last day on earth – he is hit by a car on his way to work. But this is just the beginning of his journey. Read this interview with Edward to find ou