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Jac Shreeves-Lee's debut short story collection, Broadwater, was published by Fairlight Books on 3 September 2020. In Broadwater, Jac gives voice to the people of Broadwater Farm, one of the most well-known housing estates in Britain. A place where post-war dreams of concrete utopia ended in riots, violence and sub-standard housing. Read

How do you market your new release if the traditional book tour isn’t an option? This is a question I’ve asked myself four times in the last few months, as I’ve released four new books during a global pandemic. Each time, I’ve found new ways to reach my target audience of readers, letting them know about my new book and why the

In 1964, a Canadian communication thinker called Marshall McLuhan had the novel idea that it was, in fact, the medium that was the message. When it comes to writing, and writing books, in particular, the medium has changed dramatically since its birth, and perhaps more than ever in the last fifty years. To go from quills to printing pr

Marina Drukman is the designer behind the cover of Conception. We've talked to her about her path into graphic designing and her creative process. How did you get into the arts and what led you to book design? When I was growing up, I kept covering surfaces around me with drawings: napkins, newspapers, walls, notebooks, my hands, et

Özgür Uyanık’s debut novel, Conception, was published by Fairlight Books on 2 July 2020.  Conception is the journey of an anonymous artist, a sociopath who will do whatever it takes to get ahead; a dark comedy exploring who and what determines the value of art. Read this interview with Özgür to find out what inspired this novel.

With restrictions on travel and socialising in place around the world, most of us aren’t able to do everything we would like to at the moment. Yet reading short fiction can be the perfect escape from a constricted life, transporting us to different places, giving us a taste of freedom and allowing us to live vicariously through characte

As we are emerging from these strange times and the world is opening up again, we might start to look for our next destination. Even though, for some time, we probably won’t be able to travel far, we’re offering you some suggestions of destinations around the world that are linked with some of literature’s greatest. Following on fro

Throughout human civilisation, books have been vital in transmitting information from person-to-person. From clay tablets to modern printing, it’s clear that there has been a huge progression in how these are formatted, but their core purpose still remains the same. Here we provide a brief chronological history of how these book form