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Fancy a love story or two? We've found a variety of stories to suit every taste. Why not try one of each? Sweet In the mood for something sweet? Try these stories for that warm, bubbly feeling.   The Midwinter Marriage Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince.       Her Silent Man What

The Most Instagrammable Writers of All Time by Rebecca Armstrong It might surprise you, but books are all the rage on Instagram. Literary hashtags like #books, #bookstagram and #bibliophile are used for millions of posts, from memorable quotes, to photos of impressive bookshelves and beautiful libraries. This trend gives us a new way

Are you struggling to write that novel you always dreamed of finishing? Do you have a story that demands to be told? With our hectic lives it can be tough to carve out the time to express ourselves creatively, but there may be a solution. Have you ever considered taking part in a writing retreat? A writing retreat gives you the chance

New year, new reading challenge. This year we’ve come up with our very own Fairlight Reading Challenge designed to push you beyond your bookish comfort zones. Use this unique reading list to introduce yourself to new authors, explore new formats and read something you've never tried before. Which will be your favourite? 1.      

If you happen to see a perplexing plum bicycle or black and violet post box when wandering the streets of Oxford, don’t be concerned, Oxford isn’t remodelling itself into a purple city. These flashes of purple in the city aim to bring more than just colour, they represent the work of the Oxford Poetry Library (OPL) – a bicycle-drive

It is increasingly important to curate your author brand. Establishing a loyal fan base not only helps you connect to your audience but can also improve your publishing prospects. A writer’s first step in building their brand should be creating an attractive, user-friendly website. Here are some tips on how to ensure that your website p

We're very excited to announce that Bottled Goods by Sophie van Llewyn has been longlisted for the People's Book Prize! This award aims to find and promote new works from publishers of all shapes and sizes. The shortlist for this award is decided by popular vote so show your support by voting here. To celebrate this we've interviewed S

Read some spooky Halloween stories this scary season. Here is a selection of our favourite ones.   City Lights by John Lee Langton An old building, scary shadows and an odd mirror - this horror story has all the right ingredients.     Candlelight by Greg Forrester To what lengths would you go to protect