Fairlight Books will be adding new titles to the Fairlight Moderns series in summer 2021. In July, two new Moderns will be released: Blue Postcards by Douglas Bruton and Taking Flight by JT Torres. In August, two more will be published: Only About Love by Debbi Voisey and Missing Words by Loree Westron. Blue Postcards is set in Paris,

Helen Stancey's latest novel, Relative Secrets, is published by Fairlight Books on 25 March 2021. In this beautifully told drama of family secrets, she once again picks through the everyday of life to uncover poetry, pain and ultimately love. Helen has previously written two novels, Words in 1983 and Common Ground in 1986, and a short

We are excited to share with you the titles for 2021 we’ve announced in previous weeks, including five new novels, a short story collection and the latest addition to our ‘How to…’ Modern Living series. In February we published David and Ameena, the masterful debut novel from Ami Rao. It follows David and Ameena as they navigat

Nathan Burton is the designer behind the cover of David and Ameena. We’ve talked to him about his path into graphic designing and his creative process. How did you get into the arts and what led you to book design? I did a degree course in graphic design at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle which had a very strong illustratio

Ami Rao's debut novel, David and Ameena, is published by Fairlight Books on 4 February 2021. This modern romance picks apart the lives of two people, David, an American-Jewish jazz musician, and Ameena, a British-Pakistani artist. As they navigate their relationship, their ambitions and the city they love, David and Ameena discover the ex

A continuation of our previous blog ‘Five Spectacular Libraries Around the World’, we wanted to share five more truly magnificent libraries. Warning, these buildings are sure to impress.   The Library of Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland     View this post on Instagram

Our short story of the week is a story about a musician by David Horn. David Horn was born and raised behind the twitchy net curtains of suburban England. Giving up on office cubicles and turning instead to the wilds of Fermanagh, he has taken to writing. Flash fiction, short stories, and the inevitable novel in progress fall within hi

Our short story of the week is a story about cheating by Jane Copland. Jane Copland is from Wellington, New Zealand. After spending her early years almost entirely underwater, she broke a national record in the 200m breaststroke at eighteen and moved to Pullman, Washington to take up a swimming scholarship at Washington State Universit