A good library is a mecca for bibliophiles. A huge depository of books, all free to read, what could be better? Their significance to education and the attainment of knowledge is immeasurable. Even in the ancient world, the Library of Alexandria was revered; and the great scientist, Albert Einstein, once said 'The only thing that you abso

Our latest title, A Saint in Swindon, is a unique book: a collaborative work of fiction based upon an idea created by readers in Swindon, written by prize-winning author Alice Jolly and supported by the Swindon Spring Festival. We thought we’d give you some insight into how this creative union occurred. The basis for this project was

Knowledge is power. Ideas matter. But communicating them in the age of populism and fake news is challenging. This may seem like a peculiarly contemporary problem, but as I was researching my historical novel, A Matter of Interpretation, it became obvious to me that not only was the struggle to maintain control over knowledge as old as th

Books and music: name a more iconic duo. Some book lovers like to read with peaceful piano melodies in the background, while others make playlists based on the songs that feature in their favourite novels. Writers are often inspired by the music they listen to as they type away at their work in progress. But as well as readers and writ

Following on from our previous blog, Five Unusual Bookshops Worldwide, we’ve discovered five more interesting bookshops we’d love to explore! Ranging from converted postal trains to transformed banks these magical bookshops are not to be missed.   Selexyz Dominicanen     View this po

Amanda Weiss is the designer behind our How-to... Modern Living series. We’ve talked to her about her path into graphic designing and her creative process. How did you get into the arts and what led you to book design? I got into art when I was in elementary school, thanks to cartoon shows and anime. Originally, I was planning on

As Valentine's Day approaches we might feel the pressure to have the perfect romance but in reality relationships can be a little messy. Here are some complicated love stories to keep your romance reading interesting.   Beyond Par Sometimes it all works out for the best.       The Search for Atlantis

There’s something special about walking into a bookshop. It’s like walking into a room full of friends, there’s a spark of recognition as you spot your favourite books, and excitement as you notice a new release. But some bookshops take the browsing experience to a whole new level with their unique locations and beautiful decor. Her