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We are excited to share with you the titles for 2022 we’ve announced in previous weeks, including four new novels, two Fairlight Moderns and a new non-fiction title. This March, Ami Rao is returning with her new short novel Almost. Inspired by the essays of Roland Barthes, Ami explores grief and mental health after a father loses hi

We are excited to share with you the titles for 2021 we’ve announced in previous weeks, including five new novels, a short story collection and the latest addition to our ‘How to…’ Modern Living series. In February we published David and Ameena, the masterful debut novel from Ami Rao. It follows David and Ameena as they navigat

We are pleased to announce that we will be publishing four new literary fiction titles in 2020, all from exceptionally talented new and emerging literary authors. First up for spring 2020 is Conception, a novel by award-winning filmmaker Özgür Uyanık. For a long time there has been no antihero so deliciously self-absorbed, so ambiti

Fairlight Moderns Bottled Goods by Sophie van Llewyn When Alina’s brother-in-law defects to the West, she and her husband become persons of interest to the secret services, causing both of their careers to come grinding to a halt. As the strain takes its toll on their marriage, Alina turns to her aunt for help - the wife of a communi

Conveniently sized, priced and beautifully designed quality writing that is leaving literary fiction readers everywhere eager for more. Set in various locations all over the world, the titles in the Fairlight Books’ upcoming Moderns series will introduce new talented writers, bringing fresh literary fiction back into our busy lives in a