Conveniently sized, priced and beautifully designed quality writing that is leaving literary fiction readers everywhere eager for more. Set in various locations all over the world, the titles in the Fairlight Books’ upcoming Moderns series will introduce new talented writers, bringing fresh literary fiction back into our busy lives in a more approachable and attractive way.

The eye-catching modern design for the series was created by book designer Sara Wood. Mixing traditional with contemporary, Sara used an inset frame with bevelled corners to create a memorable and colourful series jacket, leaving enough space for bespoke illustrations. A repeating wave motif on the book spines was also designed. The wave aligns when all books in the series are put together, telling a visual story and referencing the Fairlight Books’ lighthouse logo.

Illustrator Sam Kalda created unique illustrations for each title in the series. The one-of-a-kind drawings speak of the classic charm, while keeping the lightness and effortlessness of the forward-looking life.

Sam Kalda’s illustrations and Sara Wood’s designs greatly complement one another. This will work as a unique selling point, as the series will look equally great together when faced-out or with the aligned spines facing outward.

Printed in a smaller format, the novellas are convenient travelling reads. Ideal for book club readers who enjoy fiction with contemporary themes and quality writing, the Fairlight Moderns are to be supported with reading notes and author pages on our website.

The first five titles in the series will be published on the 11th of July, 2018, followed by new titles on a monthly basis. The upcoming novellas are: Bottled Goods by Sophie van Llewyn, Travelling in the Dark by Emma Timpany, The Driveway Has Two Sides by Sara Marchant, Inside the Bone Box by Anthony Ferner and There Are Things I Know by Karen B. Golightly.