The Darts of Harkness


Our Story of the Week is a humorous story from the imaginative writer Paul Sutton Reeves.

Paul’s writing experience covers a range of styles. He wrote the biography of avant-garde musician, Bill Nelson and worked as a freelance journalist on the topics of music and economics. Paul is a ‘veteran of a number of obscure bands’ and teaches economics.

He also writes fiction with an experimental twist and is currently finishing a novel in addition to his short stories and novellas. Paul was born in Hertfordshire but has since moved around between eleven English counties. He currently lives with his wife and two children, and divides his time between East Anglia and Brittany.

We’ve found Paul’s writing to be gripping and thought provoking. In The Darts of Harkness he reinvents Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad in a creative and amusing retelling.


‘We were holidaying on the river. The brochure had described it as a cruise. To be honest, it was really just a week-long piss-up, downing tins of beer as we drifted between one riverside pub and the next. Well, what else was there to do? Our vessel required no especial skill to master. At the flick of a switch and a puff of black smoke, the engine would cough into life, like a smoker choking on his first fag of the day.’ Read more…