Mother’s Day Short Stories


In honour of Mother’s Day we’ve rounded up stories that explore the many facets of motherhood. So, take a short break, kick back and relax with one of these Mother’s Day short stories.


story about luckWheel of Fortune

It is hard when a mother can’t give her child what he wishes… especially around the holidays.




The Minerinspiration story

We all wonder where we came from…



Just a Cat

A mother’s worries never end.



Murder on the Duchy Estate

Beware! Old mother on the loose…



Dependable StoryOmaha

It isn’t easy being a single mother, especially during the war.



unnerving storyReflections

A mother’s desperate attempt to save her son.




Sometimes relationships with our mothers get a little complicated.



Since Yesterdaymusical story

A mother supporting her daughter’s dreams…




Winter, 1963

A mother that never will be…



Clear Your Plate – Part Two

A mother shouldn’t…



Clear Your Plate – Part Three

What would you do if your mother was too nosy?




Will she get a chance to be a mother?





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Happy Mother’s Day!