Love Stories to Suit Every Taste


Fancy a love story or two? We’ve found a variety of stories to suit every taste. Why not try one of each?


In the mood for something sweet? Try these stories for that warm, bubbly feeling.

New Year's Eve storyNew Year’s Eve at the Nun’s Purse

A yearly meeting – could it turn into something more?




The Blue Rosewriting story

…because a red rose just isn’t special enough.





Do you like a more complex story? Read these for a mix of flavours.

art in the storyThe View of the Garden in Summer

One last surprise.




The Miner who would be a GannetYorkshire based

Sometimes true love comes a little later in life.




romance storyA Tiding of Magpies

She’s got great prospects but all she wants is him.




Tortoiseshelltime stories

When you start to slip away who will stay by your side?




Tough on the outside, gooey on the inside

Try something fun with this unique story.

Humorous StoryThe Amazing Chen

How far will he go to save his marriage?





Sometimes you just have to face reality. Read these stories for a hint of bitterness.

When Freda Met Sallyhumour story

Same-sex love wasn’t easy in the 1960s




wedding storyTwist

It’s a little late for regrets.




The Osprey at Duskjealousy story

Sometimes you just have to walk away.





Can you handle these salty stories?

horror storyDry County

He’s got a crush on his boss, but that’s not the only thing he’s hiding.




Rose Gardengarden story

A woman scorned…




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