Love Stories to Suit Every Taste 2019


Fancy a love story or two? We’ve found a variety of stories to suit every taste. Why not try one of each?


In the mood for something sweet? Try these stories for that warm, bubbly feeling.


The Midwinter Marriage

Sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince.




Her Silent Manstory about determination

What lies beneath his mysterious exterior?




Just Another Night

Will the night have a happy ending?





Do you like a more complex story? Read this for a mix of flavours.


Sweetheartheart-warming story Sweetheart

True love never dies.





Sometimes you just have to face reality. Read these stories for a hint of bitterness.


The Gift

It’s hard being on the outside looking in,

or on the inside looking out…




The Luck of Love – Part OneTroubled Marriage Story

It’s hard when the children take sides…




London Love StoryThe Luck of Love – Part Two

Are some differences too great to overcome?




The Luck of Love – Part Threestory about loss

Temptation can sneak up on you…





Can you handle these salty stories?


Red Shoes fairy taleRed Shoes

There won’t be a fairy-tale ending if she has her way.




The Other Woman

What would you do to be with the man you love?







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