Chauffeur Driven


Our Story of the Week is a chauffeur story from the writer Simon Kyle Parker.

Simon studied scriptwriting at university. Films are his first love but storytelling is his obsession.

He began his writing career with short screenplays, a few of which are dotted about on YouTube. His first big success was writing Christmas Ranch, which had a small life on Netflix.

In Chauffeur Driven, Simon explores the loneliness of a young boy and the unexpected friend he makes.


Here I sit, thirty-one years old in a car I’d never be able to buy. Outside a house three stories high. impeccable gardens wrapped around it. Hugging it. With an army of gardeners tending to them day and night.

I drove a taxi for ten years in the city. But out here it’s different. In a car like this it’s different. Leather seats. Air conditioning. A powerful engine that will never be tested to its full potential. In the city it’s all about speed and time. Out here it’s all about comfort and silence.

My buddy Graham. Off for a week to spend time with his new-born baby put me onto this. ‘Easy money. Easy driving. Just don’t look them in the eyes. If they want to talk they’ll let you know. But they won’t.’

The uniform too. Why make anyone wear this. Too tight around my chest and thighs. I’m already sweating. Like I’m back in school. Nervous for no reason. The hat too small for my big head. The head of a football player my dad used to say. And the white gloves. Is that so I don’t dirty anything inside the car? Am I a driver or a butler?

The first time I saw Alex he got into the back and without warning delivered a hard kick to the back of my seat. Giggy up. At first I didn’t know what it was. An accident. The second harder kick let me know. Hurry up. Let’s get going. That’s how I am to be treated.Read more…