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Our Story of the Week is a colourful art story from the talented writer Yvonne Dykes. Yvonne writes both short stories and longer fiction. In 2014, she self-published her first novel Brondesbury Villas on Amazon Kindle and began attending creative writing courses at City Lit. In 2015, her first short story, A Death, was published in Ci

Our Story of the Week is a humorous story from the imaginative writer Paul Sutton Reeves. Paul’s writing experience covers a range of styles. He wrote the biography of avant-garde musician, Bill Nelson and worked as a freelance journalist on the topics of music and economics. Paul is a ‘veteran of a number of obscure bands’ and t

Our Story of the Week is a family story from the astute writer Helen Stancey. Helen has been writing since she was a little girl growing up in Yorkshire. Over the years she has continued to nurture her passion for writing, earning an English degree from the University College London and publishing two novels Words (1983) and Common Gro

Since it opened its doors in June 2006, Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath has become famous amongst lovers of indie bookstores for its decor and its innovative book recommendation products and reading gifts. We’d learned of their Reading Spas and Reading Subscriptions whilst researching our bibliotherapy article of last mont

Our Short Story of the week is a story about books from the thrilling writer Neal Mason. Neal’s writing career has been full of variety. He’s had stories, monologues, and poems published, as well as being successful in story, poetry, and play competitions. Neal has explored a number of places during his travels, particularly in Eas

Our Story of the week comes from the eloquent short story author Kathryn Marie Halton. Kathryn’s passion for writing began at a young age. When she was nine she wrote a charming tale about a lost mouse who eventually ends up floating down the river on the back of a swan. Her family loved it and told her to write more, so she’s been

Welcome to our Author Interview Series. In celebration of The Madonna of the Pool’s book launch on the 27th of July, we asked Helen Stancey a few questions about herself as a writer and her exciting collection of short stories! Helen was born and raised in Yorkshire but moved to London to complete an English degree from the Universit

I sat curled up with my book, in a window seat that stretched almost the entire width of the room. My shoulder was pressed against the glass and seven stories below I could see the busy nightlife of Tokyo. Above me books hung from the ceiling like stars, forming part of the décor. The Book and Bed Tokyo hostel was everything I’d imagin