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Our Story of the Week is an entertaining story from the writer Jamie Guiney. Jamie is a graduate of the Faber & Faber Writing Academy. His short stories have been published internationally and he has twice been a judge for the short story competition The New Rose Prize. Two of his own stories A Quarter Yellow Sun and The Cowboy wer

Our Story of the Week is a magical realism story from the writer Greg Forrester. Greg started writing in secondary school, producing four chapters of a clear Lord of the Rings rip-off, that, ‘thankfully’, no longer exists. Since then, he’s continued to pursue his passion, earning creative writing degrees from the University of Su

We’re having a photography competition, and yes, there’s a prize! The competition opens on the 25th of September and runs until the 23rd of October. We want to help people discover and share beautiful and relaxing reading spots in Oxford. In order to do this, we’re running a photography competition. To enter, email pictures of yo

Our Story of the Week is a mystery story from the writer David Lewis. David was nine when he began his literary career. He entered his school’s writing competition with a short story called Cindy to the Rescue. David won the prize with this tale about a heroic nine-year-old girl who single-handedly stops a ring of international groun

Yesterday, September 18th, was Samuel Johnson’s 308th birthday! In honour of this revolutionary lexicographer we decided to take a closer look at his famous and occasionally humorous, 'A Dictionary of the English Language’, first published in 1755. Not only was Johnson’s dictionary far more extensive than pre-existing attempts, b

Our Story of the Week is a historical story from the writer Barbara Mercer. Barbara started writing as a child. She told us that at the age of ten, her first attempt at a novel featured a hard-boiled US detective. She thought it was a disaster but her parents found it hilarious. Since then she’s had two novels published in the 1980s,

Our Story of the Week is a poetry story from the accomplished writer Wendy Holborow. Wendy recently earned a distinction for a Creative Writing MA from Swansea University where she studied the Short Story with the acclaimed writer Jon Gower. She has won prizes for her short stories, notably the Philip Good Memorial Prize, The Aber Vall

Book to film adaptions are essentially an act of translation. As with languages, each medium has its own limitations and advantages. But is a successful adaption just about accurately representing the original story? As translators must navigate cultural disparities and idioms, adaptors must transform the mental experience into a visual a