Our Short Story of the week is a story about books from the thrilling writer Neal Mason.

Neal’s writing career has been full of variety. He’s had stories, monologues, and poems published, as well as being successful in story, poetry, and play competitions. Neal has explored a number of places during his travels, particularly in Eastern Europe.

Neal also spent six months as Writer in Residence in Welsh valley for the Arts Council and has likewise taught at university and other organisations. He was selected for the Hay-on-Wye masterclass and is the organiser of the website, which records and produces plays, stories, monologues and poems free to listeners.

We’ve found Neal’s writing to be enchanting and humorous. In Stocktaking he’ll keep you entertained with his clever narrative and witty dialogue.


‘Shops that sell antiquarian books might get broken into occasionally, but twice at once seems excessive. At least, it does to me, and I was one of the people breaking in.

Although I’m usually punctilious – and only someone punctilious would use that word – I didn’t extend myself over this one. After all, I was stealing a single book, not the Alexandrian Library.

The shop stood in a quiet street in Bath. Amongst the honey-toned, Georgian facades, its brickwork looked a bit out of place, an orphan, like me, unsure of acceptance.’ Read more…