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The View of the Garden in Summer


Our Story of the Week is a colourful art story from the talented writer Yvonne Dykes.

Yvonne writes both short stories and longer fiction. In 2014, she self-published her first novel Brondesbury Villas on Amazon Kindle and began attending creative writing courses at City Lit. In 2015, her first short story, A Death, was published in City Lit’s Between the Lines Anthology. Yvonne also writes for the blog Shop Wear Live Design.

Yvonne has been teaching for seventeen years and recently earned her MA in Education at the Institute of Education. She currently lives in London and works as a supply teacher. She also loves gardening and has incorporated this passion in The View of the Garden in Summer where Yvonne deftly weaves together nature and reality to create a story which is heartbreakingly beautiful.


‘I met him in the Marais. For me, Paris was a passing place on route to the South, but he was working on a series of commissioned landscapes. I was struck by his thick sandy hair, broad shoulders and that he was covered in paint. The cuffs of his grey linen jacket were speckled with azure and primrose; his lapels smeared with scarlet slashes. Brilliant white accentuated the creases around his eyes, and I noticed that when he lifted his glass to his lips, his knuckles were streaked with turquoise and cerise.

Commenting on the colour of my dress, he made my stomach flip over.’ Read more…