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10 Reasons Why Books Make the Best Gifts


If you’re looking for present ideas here are 10 reasons why books make the best gifts!


  1. Share Something Personal

Giving books that have touched your heart or relating to topics that are important to you can be an incredibly personal and meaningful gift. Especially since it will give you something to discuss once they’ve finished it.


  1. Demonstrate How Well You Know Someone

Finding someone a book you know they’ll love is a great way to show how well you know them. You might even introduce them to a new author or sub-genre that they could explore for years to come!


  1. Introduce Someone to a New Topic

If you’re not confident that you know someone’s taste then introducing them to a new genre or topic can be exciting. Overall, non-fiction has a variety of topics that could be interesting for someone to explore.


  1. Support the Highstreet or Indie Businesses

If you buy a book from a high-street bookshop or indie business you’re contributing to the local economy and quite possibly a family’s livelihood. According to the BA association ‘£1 spent in a bookshop generates a further £1.91 in the local economy. Together the booksellers of Britain contribute £1.9 billion to the UK economy.’ So really that’s two gifts in one!

10 Reasons Why Books Make the Best Gifts


  1. Hours of Entertainment

It takes hours, often days to finish a book. They last longer than a movie or album, or a box of chocolates! When you consider how long they keep someone entertain they’re great value for money.


  1. Experience Different Lives, or Universes

Books can transport you into difference lives or to different places, even to different times. They give you an unparalleled immersive experience. We’ve explored some sci-fi universes in our blog here.


  1. Reading Reduces Stress

Reading is a great stress reliever. There’s nothing quite like opening up a book and slipping into its pages. As we explored in our bibliotherapy blog, reading for as little as six minutes can reduce stress levels by 68%, regardless of what you read, so long as you are fully engaged with the book. This means reading is more effective in reducing stress than listening to music, taking a walk, playing video games or having a cup of tea!


  1. Books Are Collectable

Physical books make beautiful gifts. Some people have specific book collections, such as the Fairlight Moderns. These are great to contribute to. Others like to build impressive collections on certain topics or themes. And, of course, a lot of people collect books from their favourite authors. It’s wonderful to look at bookshelves bursting with books and fondly remember who gave you which ones.


  1. You Might Get to Read It…

…and then you can talk about it together!


  1. You Can Never Have Too Many Books

You really can never have too many books (there are e-books and audiobooks if space is an issue). But sometimes is can feel like someone already has every book you want to get them. This is when book gift cards are perfect! Because trust us, they still want more books.


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