The Miner


Our Story of the Week is an inspiration story from the writer Yvonne Dykes.

Yvonne writes both short stories and longer fiction. In 2014, she self-published her first novel Brondesbury Villas on Amazon Kindle and began attending creative writing courses at City Lit. In 2015, her first short story, A Death, was published in City Lit’s Between the Lines Anthology. Yvonne also writes for the blog Shop Wear Live Design.

Yvonne has been teaching for seventeen years and recently earned her MA in Education at the Institute of Education. She currently lives in London and works as a supply teacher.

In The Miner, Yvonne weaves a tale of inspiration and creativity.


“I’m writing a play for my end of year exam,” Chloe announces.

I throw my coat and bag on a chair. I got caught in an almighty shower on the way home from the office; me, the coat and my oversized bag create a little puddle on the floor.

“Do you have to write in the kitchen? I’ve got to get the tea on.”

“It’s warm in here and anyway it’s a kitchen sink drama.”

“What’s it about?” I ask, pulling clothes out of the tumble dryer. I’m glad of the warmth on my hands.

“A woman mourning her lost love,” she writes in her notebook, head down, her shoulders moving to the rhythm of her pen.

“She won’t find a lost love in the kitchen, she needs social media. Or a detective agency.” I’m thinking of this kitchen. It has barely enough space for the table and two chairs. I bend down to fetch a reticent pair of drawers out of the machine and my behind gets a slap from the wet coat.

“I’m thinking of giving her a visitor. Or she can have a party.”

“Shove over while I get the wash sorted.”

She brushes away pens, a tube of sweets and her mobile. We exchange a tut or two.

“What’s she like this woman in your play?”Read more…