The Miner who would be a Gannet


Our Story of the Week is a tender love story from the writer D A Adamson.

D A Adamson started writing short stories at junior school where he excelled at English Language and English Literature. His life has evolved around the written word through a lifetime as an advertising copywriter. During his life Adamson worked in the US and Scandinavia.

He completed and self-published his first novel The Windelton Absurdities in 2014 and the sequel Windelton and the Bavarian Incident in 2016. He is a native Yorkshire man with a keen sense of irony and a love of the absurd. D A Adamson is also Chair of Trustees of the charity, Settle Stories.

In The Miner who would be a Gannet Adamson draws upon his Yorkshire origins to paint the vividly beautiful backdrops in this tender love story.


When tha’ going to get ‘itched then Tommy?’ one of his lippy mates asked him as they entered the cage for the day-shift. It was a question on many of the men’s minds but their taciturn natures let the question remain unasked, their subversive wives would find out in good time. Tommy’s mates liked to tease the quiet man about the woman in the village he’d been seen about with. Tongues wag in small communities and the fact that Tommy Barcroft had a lady friend was hot gossip. The gate came down with a clang, a bell rang to signal the all-clear and then the crammed cage plunged into the black depths, half way down a rush of cool air briefly filled the men’s hot space as the upward cage passed them taking the previous shift to the surface.

‘Never you mind,’ said Tommy quietly, keeping his counsel.Read more…