The Clock of Real Time


Our Story of the Week is a life and death story from the writer Ric Cheyney.

Ric was born in Cambridge, England. A semi-pro singer/songwriter of 10 years, he has also worked as a bus driver and college gyp.

In 1983 Ric completed a BA (Hons) Literature degree at the University of Essex, and in 1984 a PGCE diploma at the university of Manchester. After finishing the university he turned to teaching. For thirty years Ric taught English Language and Literature.

Now Ric grows and nurtures trees in a five-acre garden in North-West Wales, and manages a website where he covers music, writing and arboreal activities. His journalistic pieces, poems and fiction have been published in various magazines and journals.

In The Clock of Real Time, Ric tells a magical time story about a mysterious clock museum with one extraordinary exhibit. In questions of life and death what will the clock tell you?


…Paco has been the museum attendant all his life, since he was seven. It used to be a shop in the frontier days. It is still made of the same wood the first owner built it with, although the rest of the town is made of steel and glass and concrete now. We are in the middle of Main Street, but that name comes from the old days. In fact, we are on the outskirts of the town. I can sit in the street all day without a rider passing by, and most of what we can see from the front is the territory.

I have never been into the museum. Paco says it is two rooms; the first one is filled with ticking which will drive you mad, and the second is filled with the silence of the clock of real time. That silence will drive you mad too, Paco says, unless you are meant to be there. It is Paco’s job to find out if you are meant to be there, by asking the pendulum question.Read more…