The Amazing Chen


Our Story of the Week is an entertaining story from the writer Jamie Guiney.

Jamie is a graduate of the Faber & Faber Writing Academy. His short stories have been published internationally and he has twice been a judge for the short story competition The New Rose Prize. Two of his own stories A Quarter Yellow Sun and The Cowboy were nominated for The Pushcart Prize.

Jamie’s work has been supported by the Northern Ireland Arts Council through several Individual Artist Awards. He has also been chosen by Lagan Online as one of their New Original Writers. Jamie favours the short story genre, believing it to be the closest written prose to the traditional art of storytelling.

In The Amazing Chen, Jamie writes a touching and thoroughly amusing tale of the lengths one man will go for the woman he loves.


‘When Mrs Chen decided to get a divorce, she fretted for a couple of weeks on how best to tell her husband. She knew he would object and she also knew that he would throw things. He would be a rooster in an infinite dawn and she might have to escape to a hotel.

She had settled on I want a divorce, until she pictured him ranting and stropping around their apartment. Wanting sounded too much like a request, and requests could be denied, so after wavering a little, she refocused and found the right way to tell him.

Mrs Chen stood in the bathroom running a brush through her hair, when the sound of a slamming front door reverberated through the house. She drew a long breath before marching into the living room and stopping hands on hips.

‘”We’re getting a divorce.”’ Read more…