Take on 12 Charity Challenge


In October the entire Fairlight Books team took part in the Alzheimer’s Society’s Take on 12 fundraising campaign. We were encouraged by Sum Ergo Cogito, a short story from our recently published collection The Madonna of the Pool by Helen Stancey.

Sum Ergo Cogito is a tale of a woman struggling with dementia, told with snapshots of clarity amid jumbled confusion.

‘Cogito ergo sum. I am, but where? I am my thoughts. I am wherever my thoughts are.

Not here. Not here.

What? Muttering? I am not muttering! Do I want something? Not anything you can give me. But you seem kind. Who are you? Nurse. A nurse. Really? Couldn’t you find a husband? You have a husband! So why are you a nurse? Oh, never mind, never mind. Would you be so kind as to help me up – this chair’s a little deep for my old bones. Would you? Just help me up then I can go home.

What? I am at home? No, no. Nonsense.’

Take on 12 and The Madonna of the Pool
‘The Madonna of the Pool’ and Alzheimer’s Society Keychain


This intimate perspective of dementia moved all of us at Fairlight Books to try and make a difference, so when we saw the Take on 12 challenge we knew we had to support it.

We began on the 19th of October, pledging to walk, cycle, or run twelve hours before the end of October and raise money for this important cause. You can see our progress on our Take on 12 team page here. Along the way we’ve seen some early mornings, some beautiful sunsets, and other scenic treats.Take on 12 Scenery

Altogether we logged twenty-three hours and surpassed our £200 fundraising goal. However, you can still donate until the 17th of November and help us support this charity.

Thank you to everyone who already donated or helped us spread the word by sharing our Take on 12 news! It was an enjoyable challenge and we’re really proud to have taken part. A big thank you to Helen, as well, for inspiring us with her richly poetic and heartfelt writing.