Story of an Independent Mountain Girl


Our story of the week is a story about independence from the writer Abhishek Pandeyar.

Abhishek is a writer and dreamer from the scenic mountains of Himachal Pradesh, India. He started writing short poems when he was in his first year of university. His articles and stories were published several times in his college magazine. While in MBA, he was the Head of the university’s Literary Society. To gain experience in professional writing, he has been managing his blog for the last two years and writing movie reviews for He also currently serves as a Content Manager and Editor for

Abhishek is working on removing the stigma from depression and mental health. He regularly publishes short stories and poems on his blog Suburban Wordsmith, about the mysterious world that is called the ‘Abode of Gods’.

In Story of an Independent Mountain Girl, Abhishek follows a young woman as she prepares for her next adventure.


The most painful time is not the day you leave home. It is the one before when you know that you’re going the next day. That day you want to take in as much as you can of your home, both in terms of comfort and the sea of emotions you experienced during the few days you’ve spent there. A homesick baby at heart you just want to inhale it all in and take it with you to the place, which may have become as familiar as your own hand but is a forest of hazy memories next to the house you grew up in. It’s the same day you start planning your next trip home. You long to come back and with dried tears from the previous night, you try to distract your mind with an appealing scenario which can decrease the remorse somewhat. I call it the “Day of Dreams and Dread”.Read more…