Pros and Cons of Audiobooks


Audiobooks – readers either love them or hate them. On one side of the argument, for a lot of readers audiobooks provide an exciting way to experience stories. On the other side, many question if listening to the book is the same as actually reading it, even going so far as calling audiobook users cheaters. But with many countries reporting a rise in audiobook sales in the past year, like it or not, it looks like they’re here to stay.

For those who are still new to audiobooks, or are still considering trying a title or two, here are some pros and cons that might help you decide whether you should listen instead of reading your next book.



Pros and Cons of Audiobooks
Pros and Cons of Audiobooks


Reading on the go

Probably the biggest pro of audiobooks is that you can experience them anywhere you go – quietly at home before bed, while cooking or doing house work, commuting, walking your pet, or combining listening with your other hobbies.



A room without books might, for some, look sad, but if you‘re struggling for space, audiobooks are a perfect way to enjoy your favourite titles without cluttering your home.



Digital files of audiobooks don‘t require paper or ink, so you are doing that little extra for the environment.


Enhance the reading experience

Many readers find different ways of adding to their reading experience with audiobooks. Enjoy professional actors reading your favourite title and read along with them, or use it to aid you in learning a new language – the possibilities are endless.





No one can deny that reading enhances your writing abilities. However, by only listening to books you loose this positive outcome.



While you can find many audio titles to borrow from your local library (read how to borrow audiobooks here), buying audiobooks is not that cheap. Especially when, at the end of the day, your purchase isn’t visibly there for you to touch and smell.


Battery life

Audiobook enjoyment depends greatly on your phone/tablet/laptop battery. If your device dies half-way home, you are suddenly left with no way to enjoyably pass the commute.


With the right use, audiobooks can enhance your reading life. They are definitely great for commuting or as a counterpart to music and podcasts.

With a healthy mix of print books, audiobooks and eBooks everyone should be able to enjoy all the benefits of reading in comfort without suffering any undesirable consequences. Because, at the end of the day, the joy is in variety.