Each week, we pick a short fiction piece from our Fairlight Shorts archives to feature as our story of the week. This week, we’ve chosen a story about communication by Sophie Moran.

Sophie Moran is from Dublin and has been living in Berlin for five years. She has had three short stories published with Fairlight Books and Constellate Literary Journal. She has a BA in English and Film Studies and an MA in Journalism and Digital Media.

Sophie has worked in writing and editing roles since university. While the idea of writing fiction is something that has always lurked under the surface, it was only when she left Ireland and moved to Berlin that she started – and she hasn’t stopped since!

‘Morning’ follows a woman considering her changing relationship with the man she loves.



It was the middle of August when she realised. Night was falling, hiding the world beneath its inky veil. The windowpanes glowed yellow, the light spilling out and illuminating the garden table where they sat. The drum of music floated on the balmy air. The bushes hummed with invisible life.

She smiled and nodded as she tried to listen to the story her friend was telling her. But she could not hear the words. They washed over her leaving no mark. She could not listen because her attention was across the table with him.

‘I think I’m going to ask Laura from work on a date,’ he was saying to the friend next to him.

She felt an unpleasant jolt in her stomach – a sudden wave of reaction to what she had tried to convince herself was not there. Her friend talked on obliviously. She glanced across the table. He was looking at her.

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