London Book Fair: Overview


Last week the Fairlight Books team went to the London Book Fair. There is nothing quite like two halls overflowing with book lovers – we’re a passionate bunch. It was three days packed full of meetings, exploration, and lots of excitement.

We had the great pleasure of meeting some of our authors, and quite a few new writers. The Fairlight Code of Practice was met with great enthusiasm and we look forward to reading all the new submissions we received from the fair.

It was also lovely to meet so many booksellers and see a few old faces again. It’s very exciting to see other book enthusiasts fall in love with your titles (there was some book stroking and sniffing involved). Not to mention, no one can recommend new reading material like a bookseller (as if our to-be-read piles weren’t high enough)!

In celebration of the London Book Fair we also ran a few giveaways and we’d like to thank everyone who participated. We were especially pleased that so many people took part in our Prince of Mirrors selfie competition. You all looked fabulous with those moustaches.

London Book Fair

Over the course of the three days we met so many passionate and talented people. It was great to meet so many other publishers and gush over each other’s books! For our first time at the London Book Fair it went fantastically, and we can’t wait for next year!


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    It Was so nice to meet you guys. For some reason this message is in capital letters... my Phone or your site? Either way, I'm not trying to shout!

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