Halloween Stories


Read some spooky Halloween stories this scary season. Here is a selection of our favourite ones.


horror storiesCity Lights by John Lee Langton

An old building, scary shadows and an odd mirror – this horror story has all the right ingredients.




Candlelight by Greg Forresterstory about family

To what lengths would you go to protect you family legacy? How far is too far?




horror storyDry County by David Lewis

Mermaids are back in town – or are they?




justice storyLast Rites by Jim Bartlett

A wrongly convicted man, while the real criminal is the person who seems the most innocent.




ghost storyDobson’s Ministry of Deliverance by D W Evans

A mystery with a touch of humour and the supernatural – the perfect read for some laughs on the scariest night of the year.




On the Way by Numair A Choudhury

Sometimes the biggest dangers are hiding in plain sight, and evil can have an ordinary face.




Reflections by Sandra Arnold

Do you believe in ghosts? They can make the best of friends for a lonely child.




Murder on the Duchy Estate by D A Adamson

Never anger an old lady; they can be the most dangerous adversaries.




discovery storyThe Alien by Michael Downes

They are observing us, blending in the crowd, studying our every move – but are they the real danger?




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Happy Halloween!