Father’s Day Short Stories


In honour of Father’s Day, we’ve rounded up stories that explore fatherhood in its many facets. So take a break and enjoy these Father’s Day short stories.


hero storyGhazi

A brave man, a real hero, leaves a mark in his child long after he is gone.




So Dad, There’s This Girl…father-son story

Asking a father dating advice. But should the boy follow it?




Omahawar story

A special father figure, who steps up in the time of need.




grandfather storyWhat My Father Told Me

Stories passed down from father to son.




We’ll Have You There By Noonbereavement story

Looking back at the mistakes you think your father made and hoping you won’t make the same ones with your child, is never easy, especially when riding back for his funeral.



walking storyWalking in Circles

Never giving up is essential when you feel like you’re walking in circles.




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Happy Father’s Day!