Crows Caw in Cwmdonkin Park


Our Story of the Week is a poetry story from the accomplished writer Wendy Holborow.

Wendy recently earned a distinction for a Creative Writing MA from Swansea University where she studied the Short Story with the acclaimed writer Jon Gower. She has won prizes for her short stories, notably the Philip Good Memorial Prize, The Aber Valley Competition, The Island Magazine and most recently, first prize in the Allen Rayen competition. Her stories have also appeared in numerous journals.

Wendy was born in South Wales but lived in Greece for fourteen years where she founded and co-edited Poetry Greece. Her poetry pamphlet After the Silent Phone Call was published in 2015 by Poetry Salzburg. A second collection An Italian Afternoon is forthcoming from Indigo Dreams.

In Crows Caw in Cwmdonkin Park she incorporates her Welsh and poetic background to create a beautiful slice-of-life story of a struggling poet’s encounter in the park.


Damn, damn, damn it.’ James bangs the pen down on the table causing the coffee cup to rattle in its saucer and the two fresh roses to quiver in their vase. A woman’s voice breaks into his frustration.

‘Can I sit here? There’s not much room today.’ James looks up, sees a woman in her mid-thirties pulling out the chair opposite him, scraping its feet on the paving stones.

‘Yes, of course. Here, let me move these papers.’

‘What are you doing then?’ She nods to his papers.

‘I came here to find inspiration for my poems.’ Read more…