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Call for Submissions: Winter Short Stories


Winter is just around the corner… and there’s no better way to spend the cold evenings curled up under a blanket, reading. So, we thought, why not make it a themed read.

Last December, instead of our usual short stories, we published three stories set in the cold winter months, or with a festive theme. Here is a taste of the stories:

Too Cold for Snow by David Butler is a chilling short story. Not just because of its title, which alone can make you shiver, but it also deals with a man at a crossroad: he committed a crime, a big one; should he turn himself in? Read more here to find out what happens.

The Osprey at Dusk by Yvonne Dykes. A sad journey in the final days of a marriage; this story teaches us that sometimes it’s better to let go, no matter how much we want to keep fighting for it. Read the story here.

A Special Gift by D A Adamson. Just when everything seems lost, a small miracle can bring back the joy into an old man’s life. Read more here.

TheWinter Short Storiesn we also celebrated the new year with a real treat, New Years’ Eve at the Nun’s Purse by Amy Kitcher. Set on the last day of the year, this story deals with legacy and love, and the rewards of patience. Read more here.

In the month of December we will be publishing one wintery short story every Thursday, and a new year’s story in the first week of January.

For a chance to feature in this year’s line-up send us your short story to submissions@fairlightbooks.com

To read our submissions guidelines follow this link: https://www.fairlightbooks.co.uk/submissions/

Submissions are open until the end of November.

We look forward to reading you short stories to warm us up in this cold weather!