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Most writers will be familiar with that dreaded sensation of staring at a blank page and watching the cursor impatiently blink back at you. It feels like the longer you fumble for the right sentence or idea the harder it is to find. Writer’s block can be frustrating, but we’ve got five tips to help get those creative juices flowing ag

Our story of the week is an amusing story from the writer Michael Downes. Michael was born in Northern Ireland but currently he lives in Victoria, Australia in a small country town with his eldest son. He has enjoyed travelling around the world and working a variety of jobs. Michael started writing in his late twenties. He has a

Our story of the week is a story about determination from the writer Nadeem Zaman. Nadeem was born in Bangladesh and grew up there and in Chicago. He’s been writing since he was a child. Short stories are his love and his work has been published in journals such as Roanoke Review, East Bay Review, Open Road Review, The Dhaka Tr

Last week, we took a look at Borderline Books, a branch of the Kittiwake Trust. This week, we’ll be continuing our interview with Amina Marix Evans, exploring another side of this bookish charity - the Multilingual Library. How did the Multilingual Library get started? The Multilingual Library grew out of Borderline Books. We had

Our story of the week is a dating story from the writer Lee Wright. Lee writes fiction, non-fiction and reviews. He studied under Man Booker winner Alison Moore and is currently taking an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Leicester. Lee began writing a weekly sports column for the Hinckley Times newspaper in 2008. He publ

To celebrate the upcoming publication of The Prince of Mirrors we're holding a Fairlight Flash newsletter giveaway. Simply subscribe to our newsletter here by 31/05/2018 to enter for a chance to win a signed proof copy of The Prince of Mirrors. Fairlight Flash Giveaway Terms and Conditions The Fairlight Flash Giveaway (the “G

For those of us who regularly enjoy reading, it can be easy to take it for granted. However, for some, books are a luxury, one that they may not have access to. When Amina Marix Evans came to this realisation she began brainstorming ways to help. She decided to start Borderline Books, giving donated books to those with limited or no acces

The Bluestocking society started with small casual meetings. A collection of men and women discussed ideas, seeking to improve themselves through the art of conversation. Nowadays this wouldn’t raise so much as an eyebrow. However, in the 1750s women were very much discouraged from pursuing intellectual endeavours let alone organising a