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Our Story of the Week is Rose Garden, an amusing story from the writer Barbara McHallam. Barbara’s ambition to become a writer began when she was in her twenties, however, it felt like an impossible goal. It took completing the NaNoWriMo challenge a few years ago to give her the confidence to throw herself into her writing. Now sh

In the aftermath of World Book Night, as we all wake with books still clutched in our hands and dark circles under our eyes, we’ll be exploring the different book selecting strategies used for a tiring but satisfying night of reading. Short but powerful We spent our World Book Night reading novellas, well, novella submissions, hop

Our Story of the Week is Words Are Not Enough – a moving story from the writer Nicholas Russell. Nicholas Russell taught applied biology, history of science and science communication in colleges and universities. He worked as a Head of Department of Humanities at Imperial College London where he is currently the Emeritus Reader in S

Last week the Fairlight Books team went to the London Book Fair. There is nothing quite like two halls overflowing with book lovers - we’re a passionate bunch. It was three days packed full of meetings, exploration, and lots of excitement. We had the great pleasure of meeting some of our authors, and quite a few new writers. The Fairli

Our Story of the Week is Sweetheart – a heart-warming story from the writer Joe Cushnan. Joe was born and raised in Belfast, but left for England at twenty-two in 1976 to pursue a career in retail management. Following this career, and having always had a passion for writing, he placed his memoir/handbook Retail Confidential with a

To celebrate the London Book Fair we're holding three giveaways, one each on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram! Twitter LBF Giveaway  The prize for this giveaway is a Fairlight Modern of your choosing. To enter, simply retweet the indicated tweet and follow us on Twitter @FairlightBooks on Tuesday the 10th before midnight. This givea

Our Story of the Week is a tempting story from the writer Sophie van Llewyn. Sophie is a Romanian-born author of short stories, flash fiction and, most recently, a novella Bottled Goods, coming on 11 July from Fairlight Books. Sophie grew up in Tulcea, south-east Romania, close to the Danube delta. She is now living in Germany. Whi

I recently took a trip to Australia and after thoroughly enjoying my London Bookshop Crawl I eagerly planned one for Sydney. I visited a selection of indies and chain booksellers for a thorough investigation of Australian bookshops. One thing I noticed was the prevalence of paperbacks. Very few books were available as hardbacks, despite m