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Our Story of the Week is a miraculous story from the writer D A Adamson. D A Adamson started writing short stories at junior school where he excelled at English Language and English Literature. His life has evolved around the written word through an exciting career as an advertising copywriter. During his life Adamson worked in the US

'Hiya Margery,’ the young woman called over the back-garden fence. ‘How’re you feeling?’ ‘Morning Tracey. I don’t feel too bad today. The pills help. I must be taking so many now it’s a wonder the pharmacy has any left for anyone else.’ Margery paused, took off her gardening gloves, pushed her wispy grey hair out of her

Our story of the week is a crazy uncle story from the writer Jamie Guiney. Jamie is a graduate of the Faber & Faber Writing Academy. His short stories have been published internationally and he has twice been a judge for the short story competition The New Rose Prize. Two of his own stories A Quarter Yellow Sun and The Cowboy were

There is something relaxing about taking the time to sit with pen and paper and give your thoughts physical weight. Writing by hand accesses different parts of your brain than typing and some writers find it helps spark their creativity. There are even some ambidextrous writers who switch hands to overcome writer’s block as they find in

Our Story of the Week is a story about endings from the writer Yvonne Dykes. Yvonne writes both short stories and longer fiction. In 2014, she self-published her first novel Brondesbury Villas on Amazon Kindle and began attending creative writing courses at City Lit. In 2015, her first short story, A Death, was published in City Lit’

In honour of Mother's Day we've rounded up six stories that explore the many facets of motherhood. So, take a short break, kick back and relax with one of these Mother's Day stories.   Shall We Dance? Even in times of grief our mothers help us smile.       A Tiding of Magpies   A mother's greatest

Our story of the week is a warm story from the writer Maggie Hellwig. Maggie graduated from Dickinson College with her BFA in English Literature in 2007, and with her MFA in Writing from School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2015. She is now a writer and instructor of English Literature at Northwestern State University of Louisiana

Our story of the week is a story about unexpected visitors from the writer Teresa Stenson. Teresa cultivates a range of writing skills as an editor, ghost writer, and in her own creative works. She has written almost a dozen books on behalf of her clients and had her own short stories published. Teresa has also recently begun sharin