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Based in the High Desert of California, Sara Marchant is the author of Fairlight Books' novella The Driveway Has Two Sides. We have talked to Sara about who motivates her to write, what she has learned from her stories, and what is the island from The Driveway Has Two Sides based on. How did you start writing? My first short story

Sara Wood is a book designer based in New York City. She has created the design for the Fairlight Moderns series (out 11 July, 2018). Sara has shared with us how she got into book design, her work process on the Moderns series, the many people that inspire her work, and her dream book to design. How did you get into art & design

Anthony Ferner is the author of the brand new novella, Inside the Bone Box, published on 11 July 2018. Anthony started writing fiction back in the 1990s. His first novella, Winegarden, was published in 2015 by Holland Park Press. Anthony’s been a member of the Tindal Street Fiction Group in Birmingham since 2010. With a degree

Based in Cornwall, Emma Timpany is the author of Fairlight Books' novella Travelling in the Dark (out 11 July, 2018). She has previously published two short story collections and has recently co-edited Cornish Short Stories: A Collection of Contemporary Cornish Writing. We have have talked to Emma about her writing career, pet peeves, and

Based in the High Desert of California, Sara Marchant is the author of Fairlight Books’ upcoming novella The Driveway Has Two Sides (coming 11 July). Sara has a MFA in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts from the University of California. She teaches at Mt. San Jacinto College in Southern California and coaches

Based in South Korea, Dani Soon is an artist and the cover illustrator of Alan Robert Clark's historical fiction novel The Prince of Mirrors. Inspired by nature as well as many contemporary artists and filmmakers, Dani creates images that make the books stand out in bookshops. She has previously worked with Shop Magazine, EMI, and Citize

Alan Robert Clark is the author of the greatly anticipated historical novel The Prince of Mirrors (coming 7 June, 2018). Born and educated in Scotland, Alan attended Dollar Academy in Clackmannanshire, followed by King’s College, London. After abandoning his degree due to a protracted illness, he went into advertising, working as a c

U R Brunetti is the author of After Hope & Fear, a short story about family and fame. Ursula is a professional copywriter, journalist and short story writer from the Isle of Wight. She is currently based in London where she lives with her husband and twin children. Ursula's work has been published by The Londonist, The Casket Of